Race for Life - Regents Park - 20th July-2008

Ok, have done the Race for Life the last couple of years and raised lots of money for Cancer Research UK, I signed up to do it as normal this year and as you all know have had a pretty tough time of late but I am still gonna go for it (main reason being that Dave sponsored me and I can’t give him his money back :))

Anyway, if you are feeling generous then please sponsor whatever you can, I know it’s a bit cheeky outting it on here and understand if you are unable to sponsor me.

Race for Life - Regents Park - 20th July-2008


i’ll donate when my missus gets paid at the end of the month;)

Done :smiley:

Hey, I live right next to Regents Park so I might come down with a carry out and cheer all you runners on, as long as it aint raining! Good effort.


If you could meet me at the finish line with a beer that would be great :stuck_out_tongue:

No probs, Cally Special or Superlager?

Nice cold stella for me please :smiley:

Good on you! Great cause! :slight_smile:

Just giving this a bump!!

Come on peeps, it’s for a good cause :wink:

Well done R1cky, tried to donate when first posted but didnt work but seems to have gone through now.
great cause dawn ,well done, please let me know if it doesnt go thro and as already said lb’ers show your support.

Done,good luck with the rest:D

Thanks for bumping this up Ricky and thank you very much Zeph and Broady for the support, both went through fine :smiley:

Nay problem, just trying to help you to get to your £500 target :wink:

No debit card so remind me tig!! im sure ricky will:D

Want me to donate for you?? You could give me the cash next time i see you :wink:


Thank you everyone for your sponsorship, I have now reached my £500 target, don’t let that put anyone else of sponsoring me though :smiley:

Made my donation.
Well done girl great cause :smiley:

does that mean tiggies just doubled her target ? :wink:

That would be wicked :smiley: but not the case, I have however, surpassed my target by £30 which is excellent :smiley: