R6 Tank protectors.

Got those tank protectors from Seton Tuning. They look good, match my paint job, and give me more confidence that if my bike goes down she won’t end up in flames as can be traditional with the 06-09 models.

Thought I’d let anyone considering them have a look.




i love the irony of Seton Tuning selling these when their own race bike was lunched at Brands in such a dramatic way a few weeks ago:D

#25 Nick Clark lost it at Clearways on a Linxcel Seton bike…oops :smiley:

Yeah, but nothing is indestructible eh? And chatting to the boys at Cali school it seems they have saved quite a few of their bikes from a similar fate to above!

Yes but it wasn’t actually his bike that caught fire… his bike was engulfed in the flames from the other rider he went down with - that other rider was Liam Lyon, who was no longer a member of the Seton team and on a different bike.

Who told you that?;)These must have been Photo Shopped then:D

I was told that it wasnt the tank protectors that were the issue.

You may be right PPG but i still love the irony;)

And always a worthwhile mod:cool:

Irony, perhaps. However I will never support the notion that Phil Seton put his team (or others) in danger in any way shape or form. He works incredibly hard to make sure that the riders are as safe as possible and the protectors have been specifically developed by him to mitigate that risk as far as possible.You may think I am being naive and that I am supporting someone’s business, in an industry where word of mouth is so important and one incident, like the one above, can have a large effect. But I will stand by Phil in his attempt to ensure safety comes first (consider that there could have been nothing on the tank and no effort made).I was there when this happened. The photos that you see are from someone standing next to the incident. We were in the pits desperately trying to find out what happened. I am sorry that my initial information may not have been correct. But it is incredibly important that this incident does not overshadow the fact that the protectors have helped in the past. We do not have pictures of those, only word of mouth. I wonder why we do not have pictures… there was no dramatic story to tell.Irony is one thing. So is ignorance. Potentially distorting the overall picture is another.

I am not suggesting for one minute that Phil Seton or any other team would endanger any of their racers. What happened was a freak accident I’m sure and as you rightly point out, the tank protectors may have saves many R6’s from a fiery end.What is clear though is that it’s a design fault of the new R6 and any protection is going to be better than no protection.I was just pointing out to the original poster that nothing is infallible and his comment " if my bike goes down she won’t end up in flames " may just be a tad optimistic.:slight_smile:

I should have said “…is less likely to…” rather than “won’t” for the pedants out there eh? As I said, nothing is indestructible but it’s all about increasing safety and reducing chances of danger/accidents/grown men crying from their bike burning down.

ANY way, good product, works, looks good - buy them! And I should add that underneath my right protector is a nasty scrape on the tank from when I got it wrong in turn 4 at Snetterton. I was very lucky for it not to ignite it seems, but wouldn’t even have the scrape if I’d had the protector in the first place. If only my dealer had advised me to get these when I bought the bike, although in fairness to them they may not even know about the product.

Picture of scrape is below. The bike was only about a month old when I went down!


Check out http://www.customdynamics.com/yamaha_08_r6_lights.htm

I got their tail light kit, way brighter than any other I’ve seen. Also got their plate bracket too. Cool but expensive!!!:cool:

Yeah I looked at their ones. Trouble is you have to order from the States, so if there is a problem they have to go back there. I was looking at the ones on:


I think they are pretty much the same, and they do the tailtidy and flushmounts too so would get them all as a deal. They also do the smoked rear integrated light which I like the look of.