R6 blanking plates and a paint sprayer

Got myself a single seat cowl for my R6 however the colour isn’t quite graphite, looks a lot out sometimes! Spoke to Yamaha and they confirmed for the graphite model the only single seat cowl they do is in midnight black (im shocked they didn’t bother doing graphite ones!).
So anyone a dab hand with a spraying a cowl, should this potentially annoy me? i gotta pop into Yamaha in a few weeks so will enquire about cost of paint.
Also for those with their rear pegs removed have you found anywhere that sells blanking plugs for the void thats left behind?

I seem to remember Raquib mentioning the blanking plates…he will know

You don’t need to go to Yamaha for the paint, it will cost you the same as our annual trade defecit!:w00t:

Just find the paint code and any carbody repair/spray company can do for you, seeeeemples;)

I got my blanking plates from J&S. They gave it to me free as it was lying around in the workshop but sure they can order some in for you in the colour you want.

I use J&S in New Malden.