R1 service intervals

Had a major service at 10k now coming up to 16k ('03 model 5PW), but it sounds like the valves are just starting to go very slightly out so was wondering if it’s due another service with valve clearances done.

Yamaha are not clear on their recommended intervals, at least in my owners manual.

Anyone know?

Just found out: it’s 24k for the full major one inc. the valves if anyone cares.:slight_smile:

Sounds about right, shimmed valves really don’t need looking at that often unless you’re doing major track mileage.

It’s a fairly major engine-out job so dealers’ll charge you a fair bit for it. Price up a dealer quote against taking it to a race engine tuner for a head refresh as they do this kind of work all the time. The race tuner quote might pleasantly surprise you…

Cheers properjobby, may just do that. Just a bit concerned that she’s sounding slightly tappy when cold now, but I don’t remember that being the case before. I still have another 10k to cover before having to worry though, in theory.

My R6 service manual too doesn’t have any info on what mileage to service.

Service intervals are for preventative maintenance, but doesn’t cover for the unplanned failure of components through wear and tear. If you think it is noisier than it should be, have it checked out. Maybe you cams have worn, or something else is failing. In the worst possible scenario, you could drop a valve and cause terminal engine damage, which will cost a lot more than a simple top-end check.

When my mate got his 1st R1 it started to make rattling noises esp at idle/low speeds.
Took it into our friend who runs a ace-team workshop and his statement was:…

“Its aan R1 with a few miles on the clock… they always make a racket, always have and always will… I’ll tell you when to worry - When it stops making all those noises and sounds like a honda - then there’s prob something wrong!”

I knwo this doesnt rule out that something might actually be wrong, but that is what he said anyway… and he runs a lot of R1s in his time…
Just my 2p.