R&G Protectors

having seen the damage that can be caused by dropping your bike

(yes, i’m referring to you Arnie! :stuck_out_tongue: )

i’ve ordered Cotton Reels and Bar End Protectors from R&G for my GSR600 - i already have the Crash Protectors :slight_smile:

two questions:

  1. are they easy to fit?
  2. R&G do not sell Fork Protectors for my GSR, does anybody know where i could buy them?


I would suggest that you check out the R&G website as their online store has all of the products that they sell! But from what I can see they don’t sell fork protectors for the GSX.


thanks Gazza, i checked the website and called them directly, they do not sell fork protectors :slight_smile:

:hehe: coincidence or what, had placed an order for R&G crash bungs just before i read this

do the bar ends actually stop major damage? 'cause i thought bar ends were cheap to replace
or is the idea that the R&G ones dont dig into the ground as much during a crash?

never bothered with bar ends because of everyone going on about vibration from the weight difference. i’m not fussed about buying oem if they get damaged the girls may like the vibration though?:wink:

vibrations or not, i’d rather have them :slight_smile:
… will let you know … :slight_smile:

SD72…do you have a hollow front spindle?

(I presume when you said fork protectors, you meant like bobbins that fit at the bottom in my picture)

You can get these on ebay…I can recommend 5077phil (Stiffy Racing Products)




Crash bungs are ok.

Just simply never leave them on the shelve in the living room :slight_smile:

yep, those are the ones i’m talking about … the thing is that R&G sell both fork protectors and bobbins but the bobbins they sell are more for the paddocks … if you know what i mean… :smiley: instead i need something more like the crash protectors…


GSR600 Fork Protectors


yes, i saw those on ebay, i need advice still as i want the same quality as R&G, that’s all … :slight_smile:



Try Harris Performance for the forks - good stuff!

Cheers sean, i will give them a call, because i run a search on their products online and they don’t seem to have anything for GSRs…
:ermm: i guess my bike is not that popular :rolleyes:

Hi Mate!!I have a gsr600 too,with couple of extras I want to sell,My bagstar tank cover…Are you interest!!! Every Wednesday and Friday,I’m at the ace, let me know …take care!!

And remember to tell your insurer, they generally charge more for bikes with them. Don’t want insurer to refuse a claim because of them…

Something to do with people more likely to crash more likely to fit them and belief in protection leads to greater risk-taking.

Really ??!! :blink: