R&G Crash Bungs

I’m weighing up weather I should get these crash bungs on the bike due to the trackday I’ve just booked.

I know they’ll be worth it if something happens but there seems to be two types, the drilled & non drilled.

So which is the best to go for in your opinions. I’m making an assumption R&G are the best so will probably stick with them unless anyone has experience otherwise?

R&G are generally better because they fix onto something substantial…
like the frame.

Don’t bother with the cheap ones that attach to some point on a fairing bracket…
these are really thin weak metal, that will bend on any impact…:wink:

There are other makes aside from R&G but they’ve rapidly become the market leaders for good reason.

I’ve tested them personally (ahem) and they work exactly as specified. Now they even supply single units for replacing one side only - usually how it works.

100% agree with the above comment re those which come mounted on brackets - avoid if possible.

My R&Gs have saved my bike on 2-3 occasions :Whistling:

Aside from that, when I was with ebike they were the only type of crash bung that when adding it as a mod, got me a refund on my insurance premium :wink:

Think though that most insurance companies don’t make that distinction but I added them as a mod about 3-4 months into my year of insurance and the discount I received pro-rata was around the £25-30 mark… which means that it would have paid for the bungs themselves as they cost circa £50 quid being a naked bike :smiley:

R&G are the best by a long shot i bought a cheap pair for my ZZR and just snapped off when crashed and f****d that side of bike

Or if your really want to protect your bike get a crash cage :smiley:

I’ve been looking at having these fitted to my R125. Yamaha and R&G both do frames that the bungs attached on the end too. The frames look exactly the same, and have the same mounting positions. It just seems the actual bungs are different. And the price…Yamaha £75. R&G £100+

Do you need them fitted by anyone in particular to declare to the insurance company? Or is it acceptable to do it yourself?

the yamaha ones are not crash tested

Thanks for that.

Waiting for insurance to get back to me on what makes they recognise…and how much a discount they are worth.

I deliberately didn’t choose the R&Gs for my '675 as, at the time, they only supplied ones where the fairing had to be drilled :frowning: (I don’t know if that’s changed). I’m all for bike protection, but at the same time, I wanted the option of being able to get the bike back into it’s standard condition if I ever wanted to sell it on. Would that be something you’re concerned about?

The ones I’ve got now are from a racing outfit, and I figure if they use them on their bikes, then they should be more than good enough for my girly riding.

I would rather a fairing was drilled and the crash bung was in the right place to do its job, and better to sell a bike with crash protection anyway - never heard anyone who would rather it not on there.

Is it a VFR 400 you’ve got right?

If so i used to have an RVF which is nearly the same. I got the RnG ones that dont require a drilling op through the fairings so you preserve the original condtition of the fairings.
I dont know about other brands but the RnG non drill ones mounted quite high up through the standard cut outs in each mid fairing. They were joined buy a fairly substatial aluminium bar that runs right through the bike across the back of the radiator and out each side of the bike as opposed to drilled type which fit lower down the bike on two engine mounts.

I lowsisded my rvf at with these fitted and luckily only suffered a slightly bent front brake lever and scratced bar end. They saved me on a different occasion when i didnt put the side stand down and the bike fell over on a slope. so for me these were worth the extra cash over the drilled type

However the drawback of the non drill type is if you have any kind of off where the bike is travelling fast enough its quite easy to buckle the aluminuim support bar which end up can doing more damage to the radiator cooling fan and everything else near to it.

i need a right hand side areo in white for my 600rr,any ideas where i can buy just 1?

try the offical website but as far as i am aware would only do in pairs but they may do ya just one if you beg and plead lol

I got infinity clapham to order a righthand only bung when I needed one.

Ever looked here???


I have R&G on my bike as that’s what Honda recommended when I bought it. They also drilled the fairing. They probably add value and desirability if anything as any future buyer won’t have to consider drilling the fairing if they wanted to add some.

+1 drilled through fairing on my R6 too to secure to frame. 2 sets of R&G bungs on the R6 upper and lower set. Saved the bike when I tested them on track. Def recommended. :rolleyes:

+1. And the bungs have saved my fairings more than once.

R&G Crash Bungs. Was offered a discount of exactly £5…LOL!!!