R&G crash bungs

Seeing as i got my first trackday booked on my bike ordered a set of crash bungs so gonna need help fitting them, gonna require a hole cutting in the fairing too

Did them on my CBR6RR, a little fiddly but take your time with them and you should be ok. I’d triple check the hole alignment when sizing up the panels. Don’t do what R&G advise and use paint to judge where the hole is; but use a piece of blu tac instead its far less misleading. Also a good idea to oversize the holes as they are quite snug fitting and can crack the fairing if they get bent over in a spill (this is personal taste though). I used a holesaw then some warding files to smooth of the edges. Apart from that the best advice I can give is just take your time over it and make sure you have a few hours free to do them so you don’t rush.