R& Crash Bungs

Mark at Amazing Bikes helped to fit these for me, using an air powered tool to cut the holes, so it is basically a perfect fit. Well pleased to have them on, especially after the fun of hitting a diesel spill yesterday!



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Very strategically placed LB sticker there :wink:

I’m still trying to get mine fitted, I cant work out how to get my attached! I’ve got a pair of GB racing ones, but I’m not sure how to or what i need to keep the locking bolt in place on one of the bolts!

Need to get into a garage to get them fitted!

Is it a speed or street triple in your avatar ? I got them fitted on my 675 the other day on my own. It’s easy as abc :smiley: Where about do you live ? My personal garage won’t charge you anything:D

GB racing advices to use original locknuts for engine bolts but I suggest to use new ones, you can get them from the dealer for about £1 each, need two in total :slight_smile: The reason is they lock when tightened and once undone can’t be locked again.

kml_uk (08/05/2008)
I’m still trying to get mine fitted, I cant work out how to get my attached! I’ve got a pair of GB racing ones, but I’m not sure how to or what i need to keep the locking bolt in place onone of the bolts!

Need to get into a garage to get them fitted!

Arnie, Its a street triple that I ride…Did you get the GB racing ones too?

I didnt know that about the locking nuts and that they were not reusable! thats interesting… I’ll pop down to the dealer today or tomorrow and pick two up!

I’m in the city mate, but I’ll come to your “garage” and supply a few beers for the help!!:smiley:

If you are around the Ace or if you are free anytime that would be awesome…


I was considering some for mine but it means cutting holes in the fairings and i don’t really want to be doing that. I know they save the fairings in the long run but its just the thought of using a dremmel on her!

The locknuts are reusable but they are not as good as fitted first time :stuck_out_tongue: I’m free sat and live 5min from Ace. Drop me a PM with your mob and I will contact you.

Gb racing ones don’t require cutting fairing in 675 that’s why I got them. And I think they more protect the frame rather than plastics :smiley: Think that’s why they’re called Frame Sliders :smiley:

R&G’s are god though. Haven’t tested them on my Black 675 as on the day of crash they were on the shelve in the living room :stuck_out_tongue:

Just keep it vertical PJ and you will be fine without them :smiley:

I spoke to my Triumph dealer (because I’m on the Street Triple waiting list) & he said that R&G crash bungs are solid, in fact they are so solid, they will go right through the aluminium frame. He also said he has seen a few bikes written off because when they were dropped & the bungs have totally screwed up the ally frame.

I was thinking of getting a set to protect my Street Triple, when I get it in July.

What do you guys think?

I went down last September in RH lane in Limehouse link (citybound), lost front for no apparent reason when breaking before camera (the first one - just as you go in). Dropped bike at about 40MPH. While sliding on my back/arse I saw my Fazer flying past me in its left side. It slid till it hit the left land curb - about 50 - 70 meters. I honestly thought it is all over as gearbox side etc… Turned out new front fairing and a bent gear lever. Was very impressed by RG performance and ordered new pair straight away.Remember thinking to myself - “keep your fkng head up, that lid costs a fourtune”! Lucky there was nobody in front, taxi driver stopped and I asked him to stop just before the bike so I could pick it up safely - which he did, top man!

TBH the only way I can see slider damaging the frame is getting caught in hole or gutter while sliding and being ripped out of the frame. The chances of it being worn down to the bolt head and bolt being ripped out as a result… well for sure bike would be in a hell of a mess even without sliders in such a case.

BTW RG sliders are cleverly designd for one bolt are made of mild steel and there is quite gap of plastic between bolt head and frame so if needs be the bolt can bend. It did it in my case - I had to grind a little bastard off and put vise grips on the remaining stud to take it off.


yes the bungs and bolt are sacriticial, they are supposed to bend wear and scrape etc so that your frame doesnt…not sure if some of the bungs use Hight tensile bolts which may not bend and therefore load up the chassis…They have saved three of my bikes from serious damage…but I really dont like the position of that bung on your triumph…the bolt is so long that it will bend for sure and looks like it will damage the fairing when it does…and the bung is well, very big wouldnt a smaller one suffice…?

thats a seriously big gap between the crash bung and frame, guess the fairing design wont allow any other options…still i would have thought in most crashes you’ll still come out better with those on :slight_smile:

Look again. There is a very strong steel rod that the bolt attaches to. Basically, rod is attached to the engine frame and then the bung bolted to the rod. So it should do the job just fine. I’m intending to keep the bike vertical anyhow and have no intention of sliding it down the road. This is a just in case policy…

is the rod standard fit for the bike or an R&G part?

cause it looked to me like a very long spacer, my R&Gs came with a replacement spacer(rod) for between fairing and frame which i assume is reinforced

R&G part and solid re-inforced steel. Quality items from R&G.

Hi guys,

I’m looking for crash bungs for my Street Triple R…any recommendations. I’ve looked around and noticed that bungs for triple are much more expensive than bungs for other bikes - why is this? (R&G Aero’s are £115)


don’t have to use a dremmel, could try a hammer and chisel :smiley:

R & G bungs saved me a fortune in repairs,dont leave home without them