R and G Traction Grips

Does any one use these RandG traction grips, whats your experience with it?

I recently test rode a bike with them and they were absolutely useless. May have well rubbed oil on the tank.

I had stompgrips on the hornet. Bit overkill and also wore down my leathers

Always preferred Stompgrips myself as well. Think there’s something else on the market now that’s better. I forgot, but they were black, about a cm thick and with a diamond pattern iirc.

Yeah I have stomp grips in the gixxer and they are amazing. The RandG ones looks really neat and flush but didn’t provide any support. First I thought it might have been my textiles, but passing my gloves on it and it provides no resistance.

Gonna google around see if I find that new stuff you talking about.

Try velcro :crazy_face:

Think jay’s talking about techscpec grips. I’ve used those and stompgrips and stomps are still better, especially if you’re traackdays

Oh yeah, that’s them. They look nicest I think, though that’s no reason to buy them on their own!

I have Tech Spec. They work well and look OEM. I couldn’t face putting a 70’s bath mat on the bike (Stomp Grips) and apparently they shred leathers too.