quitting smoking

Hi peeps right i have quit smoking its my secound day now useing patches

who else will join me in quitting :D:D

good luck m8 :slight_smile: you can do it

maybe you need 2start a ,non smokers massive. club:hehe:

thats a great idear i know shane tried stopping ive tried stopping in the past and failed this time im motivated and ready to quit the habit and use the money to go away on holidays and bike runs i realy hate smoking i dont enjoy it anymore u cant smoke in pubs and alot of my friends have quit and also my dad has quit for 5 months so its my turn thanx for the support

yep im two days in too :smiley:

thats great im not the only person quitting anyone else wanna join

That’s the spirit! You can do it, fella - good luck! :slight_smile:

Remember, you’re not making any sacrifices, you’re merely stopping a bad habit. :wink:

When I stopped, I put the money I would’ve used to buy cigarettes into a jar every day. It’s amazing how quickly it mounts up…!

ive started putting the money into a jar the girlfriend cant winge about me going out on the **** with it because i would off spent it on ciggys anyways.cheers for the support

It does get easier, just take it a day at a time try not thinking about it, each time you fancy a fag have a mint or summat, well done so far :slight_smile:

cheers matey i will take your advise:)

Well done on making the decision Dave! I had my last cigarette on the 6th April and it’s great to be free of the addiction. My other half has been off the cigars for two months now as well.

Keep up the good work!


cheers mate i always suffered from a bad throte in the morning and in the evening i always found it hard to breath it would take me ages to get to sleep always out of breath 28 years old i shouldnt be feeling like this

NO WAY! Me too :slight_smile:

Tried to quit a couple of times now. Last time round decided it was better to just have a fag rather than loose my licence. I get way grumpy and moody :crazy:

i tried all the usual stuff , patches / gum etc ,and nothing worked i was even smoking and chewing the gum at the same time

the trouble is your not accually getting rid of the nicotine just getting ti from somewhere else …

if you can do with out it all cigs / patches the lot …

( it’s hard but stick with it )

… for only a week and by the time you come to try another ciggy you won’t be able to stand the taste or smell … 4 years on now and still no cigs , i do miss the aahhhmm ones though but be strong you WILL do it

I’m doing the cold-turkey way [gulp]. Feeling good so far. I’ve just stuck a sign up next to my desk as a motivator and my work mates are being really good too.

I got hypnotized to give up last time, it worked for 5+ years. I knew I should have left my current job as it dove me to start smoking.

Cold turkey for me, too - almost two years now.

I didn’t do the gum/mints/pen-in-mouth stuff because they just just reminded me of smoking - just replacing one thing with another. So every time I felt like having a cigarette, I just thought of something else and forgot about it.

I think you can only really quit if you truly want to, though - just like any other addiction. If you try to stop because you think you should, you’ll be back on it.

Nope, I defo want to give up. I’m ready. I can do this… hehehe

Actually WE can do this! Ryan, Dave and me

Thinking about something else is a good idea. Everytime I want one I get up and go for a walk/ wash my hands/ make a drink etc. It seems to be working so far.

December 20th, 2000:
told myself that I would stick a dick in my mouth before I do a cigarette again…:smiley:
Clearly this might have sound as appealing to me as it might for Miggy because I am yet to smoke again… :wink:

Sadly I don’t think this method is going to work for me :smiley:

Youre obviously not married then:D