quick sunday night quiz

Whos helmet is this from todays ride.owner not allowed to enter.

How im i suppose to know i wasnt there today.:stuck_out_tongue:

lol didnt really get a chance to see the back of many helmets, was too busy up the front lol :P:P

I have seen a few helmets :cool: … but i think this one is Keti’s

Hmm… tricky one. Pass… :blink:

LOL…if it is Ms Keti’s…how the hell were we supposed to guess that? She was tailgunner, LOL:hehe:

tailgunner it is , well done loopy, would be no point in putting flatouts helmet on here even thou he did have it out, i mean on today.

what have i won???

ask si, he will give it to you :slight_smile:

your prize is you get to see Gingers todger next time we are out.

there ya go…

Did’nt know you’d met my ex husband!!:laugh::D;)

**** wasp… think I might of known him too! :w00t: (joke)

thats terrymoto.:hehe:

So you been using more than his bike then…:blink:

Just seen this…!!! :w00t:

:sick::crying:what is it??!!

You’re a married woman Mole :slight_smile: It’s very small but the general idea is the same :wink:

poor mole… such a shock to the system. :smiley: