Quick beer!


tech here - http://www.grinonindustries.com/

The last pint that is furthest away is a bit short!!!:smiley:

I want one of those!!!.. :w00t: :stuck_out_tongue:

how quick did they fill up! definitely beats the pints standing around pre made at gigs! great idea!

I’m confused!

The thread title & the video both say ‘beer’ but the contraption clearly says ‘Budweiser’ on it??? :crazy:

So which one is it dispensing?

Also, if it is Budweiser, what happens if there’s a blockage in the supply feed urinals, is there a back-up supply plumbed in?

brilliant contraption, would certainly sort out my parties pretty quick, its amazing how do they fit all that beer in that little tray …:blink: :w00t: