Questions about UK


I am new on this forum, so first I would like to say hello to everyone and apologize in advance for my grammar mistakes :slight_smile: I would need some answers about UK. We are planning a motorbike trip in the beginning of June, starting from Slovenia (where I come from), Italy (Dolomits), Switzerland and then France up to Normandy. First the plan was to ride via Belgium toward Netherlands, but as I read some travelogues, it seems that roads are quite boring, since the BENELUX countries are ‘flat’. The new idea is to use a ferry from France to UK and stay there for 5-6 days, and then take a ferry to Rotteram or Amsterdam.
Can you tell me, what are the roads like let’s say from Portsmouth up to Liverpool, maybe even to Glasgow (500 miles should not be a problem), what route should we take to see nice countryside, which cities are interested to see (besides London, where I already was), where to sleep (bed&breakfast, hostels,…?). What kind of weather can we expect, is there a lot of rain in June? I would appreciate any kind of advice.

Thanks and regards, Jan

The best thing about a UK biking holiday is the countryside.
Personally I would spend as little as possible in cities but travel via the B roads (rather than motorways).

I suggest buying “Bikers’ Britain: Great Motorbike Rides” by Simon Weir.

Weather- who can say, really?
It should be hotter than now but it might not be very mediterranean.
Definitely pack rain gear.
If you are up north then heated grips might be an idea too. :wink:

Try and take in Wales, do mount snowdon as it’s the closest to the Alps you’ll get over here. Other than that it’s the nice roads in Essex, but to be honest if your coming from France area I would suggest heading south rather than north, Spain would be preferable over England. If it were me I’d take in the Alps and the Pyrenees

Derbyshire peak district and the Lake district in Cumbria are worth a visit, the Cotswolds are pretty.
As for towns, the little ones have more character, Winchester, Marlborough, Cirencester, Worcester, Shrewsbury, and after Wales, Chester then a bit of motorway to take in the Yorkshire dales and Lake District.
On the way back you could take in the peak district and the Cotswolds.
Have fun.

Take the train much better than the ferry to the UK, only 20 mins or so.

Train don`t reach Portsmouth, just saying.

True but there is probably a nice road from Folkstone to Liverpool…just saying :wink: