Question !!

I had to smile…

An Email from the Powers that be at Breakthrough (BCW II).

Hi Barro,

Meeting dates are …etc etc…and by the way, would you like those Orange Safety T-Shirts Supplied again ? would they be usefull ?

Im dealing with a Lovely Person (who we will all be meeting) and its her first time in the Co-Ordinator Position so she didnt know the impact and smiles those Shirts brought from the people taking part !!!

I sat here thinking of your faces if I handed out Slime Green Ones !!!

The Famous Orange Shirts are being ordered this week.

as Modelled by our very own …

What ?

Kawasaki green ???

yeah why (s)not

noooooooooooo u cant do them in kawasaki green its just not right …orange is the colour

The orange shirts last year were legendary! They gotta be back for 2007!!

Sorted my Dear Girl

Nice one Guv