I was told recently that you now get 3 points on ya licence for riding without wing mirrors!!!

Sounds rubbish to me but is this true? seems to imply that you have to adjust them, not that you have to have them… I don’t think it’s an offence in itself, but more likely to lead to “without due care and attention” if you are involved in an accident… Would have thought a a dim view would be taken if you side swiped someone and had no mirrors. Just my opinion, feel free to flame…

As ya don’t need to have wing mirrors on for an MOT can’t see that its true. If however the lack of mirrors causes you to ride with out due care and attention…

Oh and there’s probably some sort of “construction & use” technicality too…

Er, does this apply to Dukes?

u dont have to have mirrors by law as well as indicaters.

Wing Mirrors? Who needs them? Ride faster than everyone else and that way you only have to look in front

Red One, that works well, up until the time you find a Police car overtaking you with the blues and twos on and one of the occupants is leaning out the window shouting at you, or until you’re sat at traffic lights or a junction waiting to turn and someone hasn’t seen you in front…

That said, mine are off at the moment because of the trackday on Monday, but they’ll go back on soon, I hate not being able to see behind me now. I used to ride without mirrors all the time, but I came to the conclusion that I was pushing my luck.

i rode for about a year with no mirrors, i think it makes a bike look better and also you get very good at lookin behind ya

I agree with cafefighter.

I have no mirrors, and it makes me a lot more careful than when I had em.

Useless on any bike I get on… unless they are the ones you put on cars see past the Caravan your towing!!!

Only if the wife fancies a ride out!!!

(only joking baby, Luv u!!!)

Not having indicators on a bike registered after 1st Aug 1986 is an MOT failure, unless all the other lights have been removed, disconnected or taped up - ie. a ‘daylight’ MOT. or it’s an offroad bike with no pillion capability.

wow someone agreed with me… had to happen one of these days.

makes for easyer filtering aswell

rear views are f’ing essential.

We spent numerous hours 120mph+ on the French roads and they were our saviour, just twitching an eye to see your mate is still behind you is better than rising out out of the duck to do the same thing.

What a pointless question, if you favour form over function, then ditch them.

If you want to see what the fuok is behind you, keep them.

If you are vain enough to lose rear views then expect an arguement after a ‘tank to tank’ run when you lost your mate 100 miles ago, keep them, keep safe!!

Enough said?

Mirrors are not a legal req on bikes, i had none for several months till i wealded on the mirror mounts, even plod stopped me once (number plate hanger fell off) and said nothing about no mirrors, but i did notice them fine as i thought they would stop me once i had passed them.
Indicators are not required as long as none of the equipment re the indicator system is fitted to the bike, eg you have also remove the switch gear that controls it.

Theres no legal requirement to have mirrors and at the end of the day, it’s personal preference…

Indicators, if fitted, must work.

personally, i like looking at my elbows when riding along…

We’ve had this debate before, and I still think riding without them is madness. But each to their own

I thought you had to have at least one?

Maddness especialy in london, i found that progress was hampered without them in london due to taking extra care when moving.