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Do Jessops sell such a thing that will do the following:

I have a Hi8 sony camcorder and I want to be able to convert the footage from the Hi8 tapes and get them onto my pc. Is there any kind of do dah thingamijig that will enable me to do this? ie some sort of converter that will plug from my camcorder to my pc?

Cheers in advance.

I’m not up on my camcorder models, but I would imagine your options would be Firewire for digital, or S-video for non-digital (happy to be corrected!).

You can get Firewire cards and leads from most computer-related shops and online retailers.

S-video cables should have been supplied, but if not somewhere like Maplin will do them.

(Btw, Jessops are VERY expensive! )

Here’s what i use for my Samsung 8mm:

All you need is a analogue TV capture card,unless your Hi8 device has digital out (USB/Firewire) in which case you can just whack it into your PC.

check out

some graphics cards now have video in by default.

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I just thought, find someone with one of those new standalone DVD plaer/recorder things and just record them all to DVD, then you can do what you like with it.


There are plenty of products out there, ranging from £30 and up depending on the quality. You might try going into somewhere like Micro Anvica (SP) on Tottenham Court Road (they don’t know what they are talking about in PC world) and discuss your requirements.

As for brand names, try Pinnicle or Win TV.

Shout if you need more help.

You need PC hardware, which in effect will act as your converter.

The Pinnacle Dazzle 80. Install software. Plug in. connect your camcoeder. away you go. simple and effective.

I use it for burning to dvd and uploading onto my website.

Nice one guys cheers!

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