Question for California Superbike Grads

I have a bad memory

I did my Level 1 last June, and I can’t remember the drills. Probably because I had 2 hours sleep the night before.

So just so I don’t feel that I wasted my £400, could you kind people jog my memory with the names of the drills and a brief description.

For instance, I remember ‘2 step’ but have NO IDEA what it means:ermm:

Many thanks and see you at Brands on the 6th if you’re down

In fact I have to say my ONLY criticism of the school was the lack of printed notes (…which would then get distributed on the net FOC, so you can kinda understand their reasons).

You should have been a geek like me and taken notes!

This is from memory as I cant be arsed getting off my sofa to find the stuff:
Throttle control
Turning point
Counter-steering quickly
Vision - looking for the apex early

PM me if you want more info

Thanks mate, most kind

I have to say CSS were also very helpful cos I posted this on their forum too (which is pretty good BTW) and they asked me to call them so they can send me the notes.