Que's already!!!!!

Just driven back from guitar lesson tonight and there are que’s forming outside the petrol stations already! Not looking forward to this.

Its ridiculous. I wonder if there will be a revolt?

Might go buy some jerry cans, to add to the panic-buying the media are warning us not to do.

Nice one Jay, now where did i put those jerry cans?

Well I’m fooked. Mine only takes a fiver on a very good day and 57 miles to reserve is the best I’ve ever had so if it lasts at all I’m gonna be on the bus


Official LB jerry-cans will be on sale at the Ace Café from tonight, reasonably priced at £15 each, full-metal construction, 25L capacity.

Hear it straight from the red barron www.fueltaxprotest.co.uk

Must admit some of the stuff on the forum is ammusing

Filled up this morning (well the bike anyway). Huge queue but fortunately I was on the bike and managed a sneak attack straight to the front. Should see me through the next couple of days. Fortunately I still have about 30 litres in cans, hopefully it shall not be neccessary to use it.

Richmond is completely clogged up, I had a right old wriggle around, looking for a free pump. Pulled a cheeky as well like Chuffster, and got in a tiny gap behind a Range Rover that had £60 on the pump! The lady owner said to me it goes a long way, I said it’s not how long it goes that counts, but how fast it gets there.

Ha! I research security of the energy supply, so I must say that I am happy to see the petrol problem. This might make the public angry enough to push the government to make some decisions about the future of our resources. Sorry if it is causing problems, but the situation must deteriorate before it improves as simply increasing the reserves only speeds up the rate of depletion. We just do not have enough to go around! If this keeps up, I won’t have time to ride my bike !

Its things like this that make this country great

Morrisons in Thamesmead sold out last night, managed to get filled up in Charlton but apparantly now that and most others around Greenwich and the other side of Blackwall (Poplar) are empty!

Could try deisel

Brooke, we’re right behind you!

Hrm, £11 to fill up my gixxer, £60 to fill up a range-rover, and I just found out, a Boeing airliner costs £60k to fillup! Insane stuff. I found a garage with loads of fuel in Richmond, so will be going along tonight to get some plastic bottles filled.

I might have to join you in filling the cans up in Richmond, lol My reserve light came on this morning and I thought ‘crap’ so thought I’d fill up after work… Petrol station Jammed! But filtered through, only two pumps working and got in there as quick as I could. Madness for today, what will it be like in the next couple of days??