Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woolwich, Bike Parking

Has anyone ever been to above mentioned hospital. Am on placement there for a week and staff i spoke to didnt know about motorcycle parking.

Can’t answer for sure,
But most hospitals usually have an unofficial bike parking place!
That’s been my experience.

yea thats been my experience before was just hoping for an answer as dont want to be rushing around trying to find a place before starting at 0800


You’re in luck, in the main visitor car park there is a covered (corrugated iron) area for motorbikes and cycles, there are usually a few there chained up - I have used this before. Being a nosey git, I also noticed that there are a few parked at a side area near a fire escape by the main out-patients entrance which I assume belong to staff as it is not a public area.

^^^ Freaky. I was there visiting over last weekend. The shared motorbike/cycle shed is within the car park to the right of the main entrance (dont look opposite as thats the overflow) It hasnt a lot of room & I struggled to get mine in til I realised the best way is to just ride up the kerb, between the parked cars, nose in.
The shed is on the right as you ride in.
I took my almax btw!

thank you kindly. i’ll be on the scooter so wont be worrying about the almax :slight_smile: