Quality Racing Clubs

I plan to start my first season club racing next year, and was going to run with New Era until I heard a lot of unpleasant comments about them, im now looking into running with better managed club.

So who are the best UK clubs out there, with quality novice classes?
(Mini twins, Hornets, CB500 etc)

Thanks, the Artist

I tried to download a New Era membership form the other day and the link was broken :rolleyes:The file was still there but to open it, I had to edit the link, getting the correct address by comparing the address of working documents with the broken one.


Can you PM me what you find out please mate as I will be looking for a new club too methinks.

Da link works now, I used it yesterday. but im going to see if there are any better or stable clubs, ill PM you findings

For Minitwins Bemsee/BMCRC and North Gloucester are well respected. I dont have any experience of Honda specific classes at club level. Bemsee also run the Triumph Triple Challenge and are well respected in the rookie, supersport and stock 600s, 400s, powerbikes, sidecars, 125s (superteens, so I dont know how old you are). They also run a few kind of classic classes: Yamaha Past Masters and MZs. Thundersport GB is a new club, run by the previous organisers of Bemsee and has smaller grids than Bemsee but also seems to be respected in its first season.Please bear in mind that there is a massive tendancy to chinese whisper on websites, especially bike ones and the comments that you have heard about New Era may not be representative of the club in general. Best thing to do is to do a couple of trial meets now that we are halfway through the season and see what you think. Edit: bear in mind that this may affect you eligibility for rookie championships as you may be classed as experienced, having already done a couple of meets before next season - check with Race Control of the relevant club if this bothers you.

If you want a hand at a Bemsee meet, I can help you.

Cheers mate :slight_smile: I hope to be doing my rookie season next year. Do you know when you’re going up to Rugby to take the ACU licence and CTC training?

I might be bending your ear again at some point soon if that’s ok.

Afro i’ll send you my mobile number as i can help you a lot with regards to joining a club. For a start don’t go to Rugby to do your CTC or whatever the hell it’s called as your better to do it at club and get a training school in on it. I did this with bemsee and it is the best way this was 06 but i’m sure they still do it.

Anyway - i’ve raced with Bemsee/MRO, EMRA, New Era club and Superclub, Derby Phoenix and MCRCB but that last one doesn’t count for club level…N i’d say the best ran meetings were Bemsee years ago when Dave and Bernie were there. I did an MRO though at the start of this season and it was rubbish compared to how it used to be. I don’t overly rave about derby phoenix either they have individuals in that club that turn into little hitlers at times although i find Jim the guy that runs it to be Ok and enthusiastic. New Era are a really good club in my opinion. They give out good prizes to.

If your a rookie on a 600 i’d say go Bemsee Rookie 600 as thats where i started and theres not a much better place to start for a highly competitive rookie series. If you’ve been racing a year though i say explore whats out there and check out Thundersport GB and New Era. EMRA is only worth doing if either u love Mallory or you live in the midlands. NG i’ve heard are ok but they seem to run short races so i’ve always not bothered with them.

new era had 32 hornets this season…they now have none…i wonder why…

at the last meeting they had 60 or so bikes not counting the guest class ducattis…they have updated the points once all season…they mix grids and start them at the same time…take your money for an advertised meeting…then change it…i’m not even gonna bother detailing the rest…

unless you want to know…in which case i’ll PM you.

bemsee are the best by miles that I have done. And from helping out at thundersport gb they are also great. both run like clockwork with no dramas.

Seb i wouldn’t mind knowing why you dislike new era because i’ve always found them to be really good so far although i’ve not done many meets with them just a couple at Donington and that one at oultan the other month.

other than the above?

on the plus side i always enjoyed the paddock at new era. Although every paddock i’ve ever been in has been friendly and fun.

I raced with New Era for 3 years and they got progressively worse, from 2 grids of 600, to just 7 bikes at the last meeting!!!

I race with with Derby Phoenix now, and have to say they are much better. Very well run and a great friendly paddock.

I have heard MRO is a good club although most riders think they are the next Rossi, is what I have heard. I have also heard good and bad things about Thundersport.

The choice is yours!:smiley:

Ok so far Bemsee and MRO look like the guys to run with as know one has an ill word to say about them.
I have also be told Bemsee rookie 600 class, is stupidly quick & would feel more like WSB than a rookie class, any words on that.

Another thing that has been mention is it’ll cost a lot more to run a rookie R6 compared to a minitwin.

Afro Maybe the 07-07-2008

Thanks for the help.

Cheers for that Sammo…I’ve done up to Level 2 with the California Superbike School now. Do I still have to do the CTC thingy.

I’ll be out of the country mate, but let me know how it goes.

No point avoiding it mate just get on the bemsee school. I’d done british championship supermoto the year before i started road racing and they made me do the CTC!

Cheers for that mate.

What I don’t understand though…Is the getting the CTC and the actual ACU licence two different things?

If it is, can I sit the test for ACU licence somewhere other than Rugby and do the CTC the same day?

Bit confused :unsure: :smiley:

Thanks for any help clearing this up.

Hi afro. Hopefully this will make it uber clear.

You need to go to rugby to do your test. This takes half a day and is well worth it.

You then need to fill out the ACU form and fill out membership to a club of your choosing.

Then send the ACU form, a copy of your test completion from rugby, and the cub entry form to the club you are joining. The club will then endorse your licence and send it to the ACU and the ACU will send you back a licence within a few weeks. Jobs a goodun.

I didn’t do the bemsee day I went to rugby, but if you do the bemsee training day this counts as the test @ rugby although it sounds a bit of a hassle doing the bemsee day tbh. Also to note you do not have to do any form of riding test just the easiest written one ever in rugby. It is completely impossible to fail mate…so get on it :slight_smile:

EDIT: you don’t have to do the riding test as you have a full UK bike licence. And the CTC is the classroom test at rugby…

Thanks a lot for that Seb mate…Cheers :slight_smile:

you’re welcome. the forms aren’t exactly clear:hehe:

HI Seb, I note your helpful responses to this thread back in 2008. I am a former roadracer in the USA and just want to get in a few laps in on European circuits, as a type of swan song. Completely ignorant of the club circuits in Europe and I am in need of a technician and motorcycle. My preference is 600cc jap bikes maybe 2010-2020 or so. Would love to hear of what path you might know of. Cheers, David

if you’re happy with trackdays rather than racing, theres a few places that will rent you a bike for the day.
MSV (who own some of the larger tracks) rent out R7s
no limits run a lot of days too, and have a page on bike rental Track Day Bike Hire | No Limits Trackdays

As above SmallboyTrackbikes.co.uk - UK & Europe Trackbike Rental hire bikes etc