Quad Bikes - Can't You Race Them Anymore?

Me & the missus fancy a day out, charging around on quad bikes in the mud. Done a little digging around on the interweb & found a few local places, but they all seem to offer gentle trips around the lanes but they don’t let you cut loose round a muddy track & race.

Am I just looking in the wrong places or is this just not done due to being a Health & Safety 'mare?

2 wheels too many :stuck_out_tongue:

could be health and safety. bbc ran an item last week about corporate away days and the decline of quadbiking, paintballing etc as an option because they’re considered dangerous. they were at one quad place but the riders weren’t allowed to go over 30. frankly it sounds a good way of making one of those wretched teambuilding exercises even more excruciating.

Can’t we have the choice of signing a form saying along the lines “If I speed around this dirt track & injure myself, I won’t hold anyone resposible but myself”. If I wanted to trundle down a green lane I’d join the Ramblers Association.

I was up for a bit of this myself but couldnt really find anywhere that was hardcore - its all namby pamby stuff. I’d be happy to rent a 450 raptor or something in a big muddy field - I’d be happy :slight_smile:

Thats pretty much what I was after :cool:

You could always try go-karts, I went for the first time last Friday, it was a real blast :w00t:

Hey if you wana play on 4wheelers come round mine. My neighbours hve four nd they insist on buzzing the baffleless sht machines through our prking lot on two wheels n popping wheelies!!! These are all done up 600cc n up rcing machines nd they pss me off!! Keep em off my driveway n get a rel bike…not you lol, the grey nike’d tracksuited hoodie wanabe biker

Isn’t there a place near Park Royal that does that?

There was a dirt track in Essex I went to about 2 years ago that lets quad and dirt bikes on at the same time… which is kinda nuts, but brilliant fun… except when your fighting a quad for the corner line.

Cant remember what the track was called though! :doze:, although this might help you find one.