Pye & Mash Ride Out - Folkestone - 22/01/2022

Fresh post/2nd attempt at this as last post went wrong :confused: apologies in advance this is a lengthy post as it is my first attempt at doing this.

RIDE OUT for Pie and Mash for lunch in Folkestone.

Start point will be Tesco Superstore, Edgington Way, Orpington, Sidcup, DA14 5BN we can meet up in the main car park area. We will be meeting at 0900/0930 with the expectation to head out at about 1000. There is fuel available at the start and advise everyone to fuel up before leaving. There is a planned stop for tea/coffee on the way to our lunch destination.

The planned stop will be Teise & Coffee, Forge House, The Broadway, Lamberhurst, Tunbridge Wells, TN3 8DA for a quick brew then carry on our journey to Folkestone. This stop is approximately 35 miles in and approximately 50 minutes of travel time from the starting point.

We will then continue our journey from here to Betty’s Pye & Mash, 25 Guildhall Street, Folkestone, CT20 1EB. This is approximately 78 miles from the start point(43 miles from the pit stop for a brew) and brings our riding time up to 1 hour 54 minutes(according to my app). If we leave by 1000 from the starting point we should arrive here by around 1230ish depending on time spent at the pit stop location(this allows a 30 minute stop).

We can then enjoy some Pie ‘N’ Mash at this newly opened venue. Apologies in advance I do not know if they have alternative options, but being Folkestone there should be other options available and being coastal there should be plenty of parking easily accessible and nearby.

Return journey will be different from the outward journey and I have planned a refuelling opportunity in to the route. There are currently no pit stops planned on the return journey, but this can be factored in if needed by anyone on the day.

The return journey will be finishing at Marks Way, BR8 8NJ. This is situated close to the A20 and M25 for anyone that may need these for their onward journey home. The return journey is approximately 70 miles with a travel time of 1 hour 46 minutes. So depending on what time we depart Folkestone we should be back at Marks Way for around 1515/1545 onwards, this is based on leaving Folkestone at somewhere between 1330/1400 and the potential stop for fuel.

Total Mileage for the day - approximately 148 miles give or take(apps aren’t always perfect).
Total Riding time for the day - approximately 3 hours 40 minutes(as above, may not be perfect).

I hope some of you can join me for this day. The weather is supposed to be dry, obviously it will most likely be “fresh” :rofl::rofl: so dress comfortably.

This is the first ride I am arranging so happy to take pointers and tips going forward. I know groups usually use a corner marker system and feel confident in how this is done :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:. This will be sorted on the day depending on how many people turn up.

Thanks for reading. If you are going to join me let me know and I will write your name down so that on Saturday I can tick off your name to put a face to the name I suppose :smile::smile:


Some pics for reference

Betty’s Pye & Mash!!


Outward journey!!

Return Journey!!

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Just to add to this post I know the picture of the shop front shows it still being finished :rofl::rofl:

But I have checked it out and see below


@Toby1KernowB here is the new post


Sounds good - count me in.

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Awesome see you on Saturday. Hopefully a few more people will jump on the ride as well

This is the link for the outward journey made via calimoto app

This is the link for the outqard journey made via calimoto app

you know what! I might be up for this. If I do make it I’ll be on the Deauville as the other bike is MOTless at the moment.


Would be good to have a few more people @The_Sleeper. I am only on a 125cc as new to the biking world. Hopefully doing my DAS this year.

Should be a good day out


OK, I will gauge the wife tonight! see how she feels.

Perfect for me as I live mid kent so 45 mins to Orphington then 45 mins home from Folkstone and I love folkstone.

PS. we’re goin Bike Shed tonight if you’re about, I’ll be there from about 18:30

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I would love to make bike shed tonight…but as you said - i gauged the wifes reaction :rofl::rofl:

Well hopeffully see you Saturday should be a nice ride.

Is the Bike Shed thing often on a Thurs? Wednesdays are mostly out for me but the occasional Thursday I could do.

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I am still fairly new to the group so i am not sure about regular gatherings. We should start a thread for meets and announce them via that for the bike shed. My work is shifts and a semi fixed pattern so i am never off the same days each week/weekend.

@HBG you interested in a small meet on Saturday???


It occasionally gets moved by the regulars via text, should probably get better at announcing that change here!


It would help those of us that are new to meet up with you guys

Won’t be able to make Sat am. Would like to get out on the bike this weekend but notice the roads have been gritted so must look at the forecast.

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@HBG the weather is meant to be steady at 6°c all weekend and no mention or any real rain problem. Shame you cannot make it. Hoping a few more people can attend and just increase the numbers a touch more.

I am off out again with some friends on Sunday around Essex.


ok, so I’m in on 2 conditions.

  1. I can drag my arse out of bed in time (will aim to get Tesco about 09:30)
  2. The road my way allows me to get the bike out.

@Toby1KernowB and @The_Sleeper

I appreciate both of you have said yes to this ride.

However, unforeseen issues with babysitting of my two year old son have arisen.

It was all covered until my grandparents visited my dad and stepmother yesterday and they have tested positive today.

So therefore my father has cancelled the babysitting arrangements due to concerns of passing the virus on to my little boy and our house.

I have this journey saved and I have also made plans to visit the bike shed soon. I will post a thread when it is happening.

Sorry guys. I know this is less then 24 hours notice and to be honest I am fairly frustrated to put it politely.

Until next time






Family first mate so not to worry. These things happen, keep me posted when you think it might be back on.

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