Punch Bag

Got a punch bag with some lonsdale sparring gloves and pads if anyone’s interested, make me an offer and its yours, not looking for much or im gonna just chuck it

< These are in red though

If it dont hit back, I think Tug wants one of these :wink:

what about a nice lunch and nice wine at mine when you deliver?:slight_smile:

omg, run, Frenchie wants to wine & dine you!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

And you; you silly cow… :crazy:
Might even have Big Fellow and Shauna “I am too scare to go the the track” Kealy

lol sounds like a deal as long as we aint all throwing our keys in a bowl at the end of the night :sick:

I understand… If I was shagging tiggi, I wouldn’t others to know what I content myself with either…:wink:

ooooh well i would say id slap ya but when i show this to her no need as she gonna kick ya ass :w00t:

Promises… promises… Can she wear latex or at least some leathers for that please? :w00t:

Lets hope that she remember to keep the big doggy in when I come by hers… I might end up with some nice teeth marks for that comment… :pinch:

aHHhhh…ive always wanted one of those…

ohh well…if its still available i’ll have it…


dammit I would’ve had this too!

Back off people… This is MINE!!!

bloody french…just FFFFFFfffffffffffffffffff!!!..off!!!


Can it cook and clean?