PSA cheap speed camera detection

You buy one, test it out & tell us all about it ;):smiley:

Looks good & has some decent reviews on M&P’s site…

They are well recommended on the sv650 forum.

Edit: they are so cheap, so i ordered one.

It’s not a speed camera detector as such …

It recognises camera locations via GPS and a preloaded database in exactly the same way a Sat Nav device does.

Even on cheap as chips offer at £20.94 you may prefer one of the entry level Sat Navs out there.

I have seen these working and for the price they are worth it. I have just order one and I let you Know


I had the original Inforad for cars, and it worked okay - though at the time wasn’t much cheaper than a basic TomTom. These look a lot cheaper now, and may be worth the money.

The pain was remembering to update them through Windows etc. Also it would warn me about cameras locally, rather than on my road - as it has no road map inside - which was a bit confusing/concerning. Hopefully that’s all improved a bit now. I think I stopped using it when they made speed cameras yellow and more obvious.

I bought a TomTom Live a few months ago which updates over 3G/GSM … even updates on mobile speed cameras, and you can feed back ones you spot. Unfortunately it doesn’t fit to the bike too easily :frowning: … have to do something custom.