PSA: cheap Kriega alternative

in my ebay wanderings, I found these:

They look really nice. Certainly better than the Oxford equivalent. Nice find!

Are those white panels reflective panels?

Side and rear facing?

I’ve got the 40l roll bag.

Not bad at all for the money, keeps stuff reasonably dry in light rain and has an integral cover for heavier stuff. Also had a tank bag that wasn’t fit for purpose and got into a tit for tat with the seller who barred me from buying any more stuff from him. Unusual way to run a business, but there you go.

Hmmm… reasonably dry in light rain? No thanks.

To be fair, I don’t think it’s claiming to be waterproof.

“and features a waterproof lining” hmpf

That’s in the saddle bag description isn’t it? Blowpipe was describing the rollbag.

Anyway, this thread has spurred me into digging out my virtually unused us10 so I can carry my lunch to work without needing to take a massive topbox that fills with water in the rain, don’t know why it didn’t occur to me sooner.

Cheap? I got a HG roll bag for £15. Does the job wothout any issues.

Lomo do a good selection of dry bags, well priced too.

I’ve got 15l Autokicker Loader bag. Haven’t used it much but it stayed dry in few hours of heavy rain on motorway and seems to be of good quality. It has removable waterproof lining. They used to put those bags on auction on ebay and you could get them for a decent price (paid £25 for mine back in 2013). 

I use Over-board bags…100% waterproof !!  

Yeah, and they’re like Lomo and Ortlieb in that they’re just a roll-top bag that needs bungeeing on.

The bonus for Kriega (and these Autokickers that Mian’s found) is that the bags are designed for fitting onto a bike, so are probably easier to fit securely, and neater when removed.

Yup, the Kriega straps mean you don’t have to be bungeing stuff every day. Ok for the occasional long trip it’s not an issue but for every day usage, Kriega is still top class for me (after my KTM panniers of course :) )

Rok straps are a good alternative to bungees

Bear in mind you get what you pay for. Autokicker is never going to be up to Kriega standards, however similar it looks. It’s ok, has done me throughout this winter (which has been relatively dry) as the only reason I bought it was to tide me over until Givi got their act together and produced a Monokey rack for my Tracer 700 (on back order, still waiting). I reckon I’ve got my money’s worth.

Ah, so is it failing now? I mean, it’s not going to be 10-year-plus Kriega style, but a couple of years shouldn’t bee too much to ask from a £40 bag.

Quite tempted by one of those 30L tail bags.  Would be handy for our France trip as I prefer to not ride with a rucksack if possible.

Have seen they’re on Amazon, from Amazon Warehouse ‘Used Like New’ for £37 with next day delivery - 

When I was in sales ‘used like new’ meant the re-sale of dissatisfied customer returns.