Hi all i have two ps3 systems for sell and let me tell you these thing are amazing.

I am wanting 550 each as these will be sold out for months.

These may be available as of friday,i am waiting for a guy to get back to me if not these will be available.

It is the system and a wireless controller only.

These are all above board,and warranty can be applied for by filling in the form

They are uk region,pal

Oh and I have a copy of Ridge Racer 7 if anyone whats that for about £40.

Brand new…Sealed…Japanese…Will work on any PS3

PM me

You can get these for £425, I have not seen that they have sold out already …

they aren’t even out yet but i can bet any money on the 23 of march no one has any for sale as they have been on pre order since october last year

I’m not convinced they are going to be so hard to get hold of. A LOT of people are rather against Sony and the PS3 now. They’ve handled the whole PS3 thing very badly. If I get a second Gen console, it will be a Wii when they are readily available.


Of course they WILL sell out.

Sony are only bringing about 10 to the UK

Microsoft handled the Sh*tbox 360 situation badly at the end of 05 with pre orders not being honoured in the order they were made.

What happened? The console sold out the night of launch.

Just because Sony are a bunch of c*unts (especially after they successfully shut down the excellent importer Lik Sang), that won’t stop the sheep coming out in droves to be the first with PS3, maybe being photographed or caught on camera, clutching their prized possession and wearing a cheesy grin

SONY have told us that they will only give retailers as much as they pre-order and that is expected to stop any day now. I can guarantee delivery on the 23 if u per-order ASAP and are close to shepherds bush.

I personally have a few going on eBay lol.

"With ten days to go before the PlayStation 3 launches in the UK, where is the cavalcade, the banners, the streamers and bunting? Where are the crowds chanting on the street corners? Where are the geeks camping outside Virgin Megastore, poised expectantly, fire-axes in hand, waiting for the moment the clock strikes midnight on 23 March?

There is no crowd, there are no streamers. You can walk into a Blockbuster today and order one for launch.

gamers just aren’t that interested in the PS3 and Sony is now massively overstocked. The same company that cited component shortages as a reason for giving Japan just 80,000 PS3 consoles and America 400,000 at last year’s launch – and delaying the European launch until this month – seem to have gone the other way in the UK and stocked the nation’s shops with more PS3s than gamers want.

The PS3 will be so easy to get hold of on launch that GameSpot’s Guy ****er told us, “Right now, it’s about as hard to get a PS3 for launch as it is an orange in California – either Sony has poured units into Europe, or the demand’s just not there.”,39029441,49288445,00.htm