ps3/360- are they region free?

just wondering if the ps3 or 360 are region free in terms of games? and also is there any way of telling which games will work? this could mean saving mega bucks on certain games if this is the case! im pretty sure the dvd/blu rays will be region protected…

region locked i’m affraid matey…

although most of the games from europe should work if you looking to buy from one of those countries.

hmmm…it weird because im playing an american copy of a game (vegas) it seems to work okay…goes online and everything! maybe it was a one off with that game

could well be mate, not 100% certain with the PS3 but I know for def the 360 will work with some imports but not all so will be a bit of a gamble to be honest.

i think the region locking is up to the game publishers, but in practice they lock most titles

as far as I was aware PS3 games are region free, blu ray movies however are region locked.

from Wikipedia

for 360 check here - play asia region guide