Proof - Sportsbike riders ARE nicer people!

So, what is it with tourer riders?

Me and Bandit boy decide to pop down to Box to scrub his new tyres in, we’re only local, and we’re not on it today, just up for a coffee.

Anyhow, between Reigate and Dorking come up behind a ZXR750 who’s slowing rapidly - so we stop. Tirns out the fella’s run out of petrol- Doh, we all been there at some time.

So he pops on the back of my mates bike to get some go juice while I look after his bike and kit.

To keep myself amused during the wait I decide to conduct a quick poll and stand by our stationery bikes attemopting to look forlorn…

First up, Japanese retro harley style tourer thing thing - rider studiously avoids my gaze, let alone stop.

Next, opposite direction, Speed Trip - rider offers thumbs up as question, I reply thumbs up, he waves, carries on.

Triumph trophy with pillion next…nothing. Then a whole shoal of Harleys - not one glance!

Next Blade - enquiring thumb, all good.

So there we have it in my (admittedly only ten minutes and a few bikes ) straw poll - Tourer riders are uncaring, selfish and only concerned with err, touring, whilst sportsbike riders are all warm, friendly caring people.

Or is it that Tourers never break down but us sporty types know that feeling all too well?

Seems from my experience to be BMW / big toury type riders don’t even glance.
Usually blokes on 4+ years old bikes are most likely to ask if you’re ok / stop.
I will always stop (If I can) to see if there’s anything I can do - even if it’s just to go get fuel of phone the AA and pretend it’s my bike :slight_smile:

I had been up to North Wales in October, anyway, on my way back. pulled over on the A5 near the end of the M54 for a smoke (since quit). Minding my own, when a KTM pulled up and the lady rider asked if I was ok. I was, (should have said no, might have got her number :wink: )

good on em!

im the same, alwasy see whats up, sometimes theres no reall need as theres people stopped already…it takes all sorts!

big up the power rangers!!

It depends on a lot of things I find.

For a start, if you are on the same side of the road you often don’t get a good view of what is happening until too late. It is much easier to see a stopped bike on the other side of the road as you see it earlier and have a less obstructed view. it is also difficut to stop if you are in a group. If the first rider doesn’t stop, anyone stopping risks breaking up the group. Obvioulsy, the slower and straighter the road the better.

It is also much easier to stop if you are -

  1. Riding a comparable bike

  2. A comparable age

  3. A comparable gender

Anything in common helps make it easier to stop and start a conversation in a non-threatening way. Note that simply riding a bike doesn’t mean you have anything in common! This is especially true round Box Hill on a weekend when fleets of polished cruisers come out if the sun is shining, and you are not likely to be a member of the East Purley Chapter or whatever.

Don’t assume everyone who has stopped needs or wants help - I have had some pretty agressive responses a few times when I have stopped. On the other hand I have had people very glad for me to cut through their brake lines with items from my first aid kit!

Lastly, a lot of people probably don’t stop because they have no idea what they would or could do to help. They probably don’t even know how to do their own tyre pressures.

was the guys name on the 750 Eric by any chance :slight_smile:

lol wouldn’t be the first time eric and petrol have caused problems :stuck_out_tongue:

we are all human…what more in common do you need??

i have helped and and been first on the scenne of quite a few bike accidents some quite nasty, it doesnt matter what bike they are on…what colour the rider is…what hes waering i dont care!

if i see a rider down i will stop, same if they look liek they broken down etc

but alas dont forget people have busy lives, you dont know were that rider may be heading to…so dont always assume! just stop if you can:)

I always knew I had a warm caring heart!, but its nice to read about it:D:D:D

So…I ride a tourer…a sports tourer…what category do I belong to?:stuck_out_tongue:

Everytime I see a biker on the roadside the least I do is give them a "thumbs up"question…:blink:

did you get the 2 finger wave from any moto riders:D

Interesting story.

I’ve stood at the road-side before and yeah, about 10% of riders have enquired about whether or not help was needed. It’s a bit poor, but like you guys, I’ll always go out of my way to make sure they’re okay.

Likewise i always try and stop and see if they are ok, so long as i’m not travelling too fast and have no chance of pulling over safely.

I even saw a guy pulled over on the M3 one friday on my way home in the car, he was London bound and i was heading South. I got home and went back up the M3 only to still find him sat there, so i pulled in and he said that in the hour and a half that he had been there not one bike had pulled over to ask if he was ok:w00t: He thanked me and explained that the breakdown were only a few minutes away.

Oldish, well older than me anyway, bloke on a BMW. So its not just us “Power Rangers” type that get shunned by other bikers.