Professional Fairing Repairs

Hello All, I want to ask if anyone can recommend someone who can repair damaged fairings?

The other half had an incident which has resulted in a number of broken fairings and lugs.

The bike is a classic and it will be impossible to source new fairings hence I would like to get the panels professionally repaired and put in good order.

I am not willing or able to tackle this myself so any recommendations would be most welcome.

@scorch used to do that type of thing, not sure where he’s based these days someone will know.

Speak to Mark at Mark Davall motorcycles, I know he’s into his classic bikes so might not be able to help but may be able to point you in the right direction

He’s just out of London though, Harlow/Essex


Scorch is in Chesham, I think

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Wow, long-time return from the cold, welcome back @DD! Sorry to hear about the damage. What bike is it?

I can recommend Scorch. He repaired my fairings and honestly you could not tell!

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Hello Fellow Bikers,

Thank you all for taking the time to respond. It is very much appreciated. I will get in touch with the people suggested and see what can be done.

@ Jay - It’s a lovely RVF400

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Nice, I have a soft spot for those. I used to own a VFR 400 NC24.

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Ahhh a lovely bike too.

My first experience with a 400 was when I borrowed a mate’s CBR400 for a few weeks and absolutely loved it. Sadly I am a bit too tall (and fat) to ride them regularly.

However the other half let’s me borrow RVF.

Sad they don’t build any 400s like this anymore which is why we are determined to keep this one in as a good a shape as possible.

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