ive been spending a few pennies on these two sites!!!

just gotta wait for my new stuff to arrive!!! oooohhh its like christmas!!!

Who helped you this time Adam.

helped with what johnnyfon???

i f*cking helped!! next time find one in fooking england!!!

Help reading the order form Lance corprol upyourarse.

come on then, what you been buying??

Janet an John books.

ive got a powers cage, powers cage extensions and a powers 12 bar (but the 12 bar wont get fitted for a while) from the HAI site

and ive got a street drive kit, and hand brake kit from the o2w site!!!

all of which is getting fitted to my cbr so i can find a quiet bit of private land and not have to worry if the bike hits the deck!!

john, i can read!! just!!

christof, shut up you fool!! cages arnt available direct in the uk!! mong child!!

How long til you’re showing off your skills?

oooh, wicked! Does that mean I can practise wheelies on your bike??

i’m going into hiding so i can learn to do things properly!! do it the hard way and jump straight in at the deep end!! you only live once!!

sherrie!! whats wrong with your bike??? your not gonna use tug’s excuse and say it is toooooo heavy!!!

no, far from too heavy, I just love it too much