problems with oxford alarm disk lock

ok, i’m not sure if it’s something wrong that i do, but today i’ve replaced my oxford alarm disk lock, because alarm stopped working. well at first it used to make funny constant irritating noise when i put the key in but it wasn’t an actual alarm going off. so today i’ve replaced it with the same one for free…i’ve put it once on my bike, then next thing i know this alarm is also making the same effing noize!

ok, does anyone know whether silver/black oxford alarm disc lock with blue key can be damaged by putting in a top box and riding with it there around town? or could it be damaged by accidentally dropping it from max 40cm or 15inches?

has anyone experienced the same problems? what alarm would you recommend?

Have you Tried new battery’s yet

Agree new battery first! All battery operated devices play up when the battery is low.

+1 check battery first.

If that doesn’t work, you might have damaged the alarm module when you dropped it. That has happened to me and I had to buy a new module for my Xena XN18. It wasn’t too expensive though, about £11 (the disk lock alone costs £120).

Hope this helps.

I was going to mention batteries, but everyone else has before me… so, I recommend buying a pet monkey from Gibraltar to guard your bike. Just feed his red anus with peanuts, and all will be fine.

I had an oxford alarm lock and it used to annoy the hell out of me, so I ended up disarming it all the time… bad mistake! lol

Get a monkey.

Or you could ask Alex to guard your bike - I bet he will appreciate you feeding him peanuts through his bum :w00t:

Edit: On second thought, get the monkey :smiley: sorry Alex! :slight_smile:

haha, I’ll get you back! :hehe:

they gave me brand new disk lock, i doubt it’s batteries.

that’s what i think happened to both of mine, but if they are disk locks shouldn’t they be made to be tougher? i don’t really want to carry a disk lock in my pocket all the time, i want to be able to put it in my top box and sometimes i am clumsy and do treat my security systems mean, but i can’t be spending £40 to £70 pounds everytime i accidently drop it.

is there an alarm that can withstand me? :smiley: anyone had good alarm that does the job and lasts for a long time?

:smiley: your post is funny, but right now my bike has no alarm and is standing outside and it’s just making me uneasy, i kid you not i check on my bike every half hour…unless i’m sleeping and even then i check my bike before i go to sleep, when it was warmer i had my window open in case i hear my bike being stolen…

anyways, enough of my paranoia, what alarm system do you use now and is it any good?

i recommend a cyclone v2 alarm:

cheap, easy(ish) to fit, doesn’t drain the battery and loud as hell :smiley:

Obviously it won’t lock the front wheel tho

loud as hell? - me like! :smiley:

i’m not worried about front wheel not being locked, i’ll just put my f*cked up disk lock on there as well.

i’m just been quickly reading about this, and it’s says that it will warn me if someone is overtaking me?! :w00t: i don’t seem to see which part of my bike they fit it to? also it looks to me like a permanent thing, once they fit it i shouldn’t take it off, am i correct?

haha it’s 125 db which should make the oxford boss thing (at 100 db) sound like a whimper

mmm they must mean if you sound the alarm with the fob while you’re riding but that sounds a bit impractical to me - the alarm is the main thing.

yes once it’s on you won’t know it (unless you tap the bike of course). you (or an electrics-savvy friend) will have to open up the bike, fit it inside and wire it to the battery. it’s not too complicated just be careful not to touch the live end of the battery or you’ll know about it for the next day :smiley:

Ok, thanks a lot for your help Seba, i appreciate it :slight_smile: i’ll do some more research on this product over the week

Hahaha, I’m sure you will! :kiss:

(puts halo in pocket, whilst thinking of evil ‘payback’ schemes…)