Problem with some Hein Gericke clothing????

Hello i bought some Hein Gericke tricky textile trousers and jacket last summer, the trouser seem started to split so i returned them today and they replaced them with a new pair result!

The problem is the new trousers are tricky 2 and now the zips on the two dont match it seems that they have upgraded these.

So now what do i do? do i get the zip replaced on the jacket myself?

or do i contact Hein Gericke?

help please!

give them a ring mate:)

Ring them and ask ? They might offer to sew a new zip in for you or for half price or failing all that, send a pm to wasp on here, don’t know if she does textiles but if not she’ll probably know somebody who does.

I use HG jackets and boots and have never had a problem with them.
As has been said by others, give them a call.

walking round ya garden dont count mate, they 2 wear on bike !!