Problem with Ebay anyone had this before


My First suspicion is that my ebay account had been hacked due to the following.

  1. When I use the details I used only 4 days ago it says I do not exists.

  2. When requesting username and password to be sent (3 times in total) the emails never arrive.

has anyone had this before I have emailed ebay but it is like waiting for paint to dry waiting for a response, I mean someone could be stealing and they have had all weekend as I cannot put a stop to the account.

Dudettes hotmail and ebay got hacked last week, just after we bought a phone battery from china - when we got in touch with hotmail, the account had been changed into Chinese. And we were selling 2 lcd tvs!!! so check you email associated to your ebay account.

go onto and use the live help (it’s not on the link is in the top right of the home page.

You then open a chat window with one of their support guys. Works much better than email or phone calls.

thats the odd thing mate, my hotmail is fine cannot work it out.

you the man, just spoken with someone, turns out my account had been hacked and they were trying to sell stuff.

God damn it I know this is the other halfs fault for all those crappy sites she goes to!!!

lol I found a site that was teaching you how to scam teh scammers. Basically you sell something which they needed, they would contact you via MSN or whatever else and you’d agree on a price, then you would get PayPal founds… founds coming from hacked accounts. At that point you’d go and buy something else whilst you have your PayPal founds and bingo:):slight_smile:

Oh and the only way to do this is to use a Canadian or Australian PayPal :):slight_smile: why you ask, well because they don’t need a CC to register.