Problem corners?

Rather that your fave track or corner, which one puts it up you almost every time, no matter how hard you try?


Gerrards, always run wide at the exit, just after that little hump in the track.

Mansfield, tis a silly corner, downhill and all that nonsense

Duffus dip silly blind off camber thing that you hit at some speed, someone once told me the first time through it, check your speed and double it…yeah right, highside city les that way.

Into and mid-way through Clearways at Brands Hatch… I get scared going in as I’ve had some slides and been stuck in the crack before (whey hey) and mid-way through I’m clearly too slow but a bit anxious about putting the power down off-camber. Fnar, would love to get it right!

Nice idea for a thread… Concentrating on your problem corners has to be better than going ott on the good bits

I agree with you on mansfield! Worried about over-loading the front, but had some good overtakes there before. Love Cadwell.

Im with you on clearways jay… especially if your coming off the GP curcuit.

theres that down hill strait from stirlings so your going fast on aproch, its hard to judge entry speed.

theres that crack in the tarmac to adn them its easy to run wide when you get the power on if you dont get the tight line.

I ended up on the grass one time but just kept in going and back onto the track.

Paddock hill at brands to.

the sharp left kink as you go into club at silverstone is hard work to.

the exit of stowe is fast and theres a small strait soyour realy hard on the breaks, its like a 90 deg left and theres not much road.

you have to realy just throw it in there to keep it tight for the long long long right handed club.

For me its Graham Hill at Brands - always running wide and had me off in August. Don’t know why as its not that challenging must just be a mental block. Or maybe when on the Indy I just get used to right turns and cold left side of the tyre

Barn at Cadders usually because its been twitchy on the leaves/damp before as its overhung by the trees.

For some reason Copse at Silverstone. Been in the gravel there and its blind entry at some speed from the start/finish straight. Always find I back off a bit then curse myself for the rest of the lap given that its wider than a yanks arse.

I’m with Jay (:w00t , Clearways on the indie circuit at Brands.

That one section spoils what would be a decent lap time!

Actually I quite like Mansfield. I’ve also had some good overtakes there under brakes. For me, the trick to Mansfield is getting the entry speed correct. Once that’s done and you can keep totally away from the front brake, the corner is fine.

I also love Cadwell, all the way from Coppice through to Mansfield is about my favourite part of racetrack anywhere. I particularly like Chris Curve and the Gooseneck. Lots of people ease off too much for the Gooseneck. I’ve found that as long as you can fling the bike over from right to left hard enough, you can carry good speed through there - setting things up nicely for an under brakes overtake into Mansfield :slight_smile:

As Cadwell I can’t get Barn right. I know I should be getting through there quicker and I always lack drive out of there onto the straight. Wish I could sort that out, think I might try turning in earlier…

Redgate at Donington isn’t the happiest of corners for me. It’s slippery and I so often carry too much speed in there from the main straight.

For me it was Sheene curve on the GP circuit @ Brands, it’s a mental thing looks tighter than it is. Got my line in right but was always way to slow, could have carried way more speed through the corner, sometimes so bad I could stay to the right on my exit and sit there going on to Sterlings bend! Felt really sorry for people following me as I must have caught a few of them out.

Only done the GP once and spent ALL day getting it wrong, I will be back next year to give it another shot.

Rockingham - the whole thing.

Every time I go there I ride like a girlie spastic.

Greaham hill bend and any slow left handers I cant go left ? never had a single problem with right handers but I agree with clearways that crack is a real problem I had a little front end slide on the tzr in Jan this year crapped my pants

did rockingham in the wet this year and hated every moment of it, sliding all over the f*****g place horrid. It dosen’t seem to flow like other tracks maybe it’s just me?

Trigg you should be running wide on the exit of gerrards. You should be pinned on the exit and aiming for the white line so it sounds to me like your line can’t be that far off?!!! Or are you just saying it’s scary. If you do want to go tighter then try to drift out around 3/4 round gerrards and square the corner off. I learnt this line from B off here when he was training me the day before the race of the year meeting and i’d never seen it in my life before!

Far as corners go for me the only corner i find to be a real challenge to get right consistently so far is graham hill at brands. I think thats sutch a tricky corner because it’s so so easy to turn in to early and then your screwed!!!

HHHHHhhhhhhMMMMMmmmmm… I think you might have something there.

Sammo, Cheers for the advice

Guess its just being scared as I always think im running out of track, that disturbs me so then i struggle to get the right line into the Bus stop, Edwinas (cant remember which one is)

I did try to run slightly wider through Gerrards, but didnt like the rough nature of the tarmac, its like it has been poorly resurfaced with bad joins right where i want to be.

Guess its a practice thing, will try again this year


So far Mallory Park has to be my favourite track…I had a great time there.

At first I was afraid to drift out in Gerrards, but then I got pissed off by the traffic on the same line so I drifted out to go around them.

I think it was Shaw’s corner where I came off though

Cold tyres and I didn’t realise it was off camber, I went in high and fell off…After watching a BSB round and watching the bikes going in low, I figured it out.

Gonna go back to Mallory this year.

Sammo - that line through Gerrards is a classic.

Afro1 - shaws is the hairpin isn’t it - it has a positive camber - unless you’re offline!

One thing I have found over the years, you don’t always get to appreciate camber while on the bike.

If you get a chance to walk or cycle round, you sometimes see things that you miss at speed.

Its the right hander (hairpin I think yes) that slopes down hill and has what looks like shops or something and a bit of grass I think…I dunno whether I got the right corner name.

I thought a negative (or off) camber corner was one where the ground falls away from you in the direction you are travelling…Like when you steer in the direction of the corner, the road is on a downward gradient and so you have a diminishing amount of grip dependant on how far over you bank the bike.

And…I thought positive camber was where, when you steer into that corner, your tyres are pressed into the road, road being like a hill with an upward gradient so the road is holding you up…In a way…An analogy would be a slightly tilted wall to the right that someone leans against…The wall holding them up so they don’t fall over.

Confused and I’m probably talking ******** so explain away.

I think you’ve got it right there fella.

Positive camber - Where the slope of the road / track provides more “contact patch” when leant over in the corner than a flat surface - classic example - a banking, like Daytona, or shell oils hairpin at Oulton.

(A lot of roundabouts have a nice positive camber - cos the drainage is in the middle)

So the apex is “low” and the outside of the corner is “high”

TBH it’s 4years since I’ve been to Mallory, and I’ve not got my circuit guide here. I thought it was a positive camber through there but now I’m not sure!

Keith Code (superbike school guru) is always stressing how important reading and using the camber is.