Preparing for Spring...

Am I the only one who spends the winter months daydreaming about adding new bits to my pride and joy come spring time?

If not, what tasty new bits are you considering for your ride? I’ve got my eye on a Racefit exhaust, Power Commander and custom tuning this Spring.

I spend the winter months riding mine, I have got a new F.Fabri Double Bubble for it though… well, Santa has.

…and I might do the braded brake lines in the summer too.

ahhh yes mate I know what you mean… I’m rather sadly looking forward to my new house and garage where I’m going to strip the bike over crimbo and start modding it for the trip to Russia… you’ve gotta have a dream!

Will be riding mine when I can and saving up for a hard luggage set ad a service ready for a trip to Belguim at easter. Love having a girlfriend who loves been on the bike, just wish she would learn to pack with perspective!

I wont be adding any mods to mine as im hoping the Aprillia Mana or the Gilera 800GP will be coming out and i need the money for that.

haa haa. Every item is essential. How can you possibly go somewhere for 3 days with less than 8 pairs of shoes?

Ohlins forks and an ohlins shock will be going onto mine during the winter months…

I don’t have the luxury of putting the bike away…

I was due to change it this year but i’m so happy with her i’ve decided to spruce her up instead…

Power commander, changed all the gearing, modded the flapper valve and so far she’s a pleasure to ride!

Im hopeing to be riding mine soon,but there is thoughts on a nice double bubble screen, a descent under tray, and new smaller indicator lights to replace the rather large standard ones i have already on my gixxer.

Im also waiting to see what santa brings as the list is ever increasing,<thats if i have been a good girl this year??>.

I’m dreaming of a whole new bike for Spring! I’ve decided I want a black one, but can’t decide on a GSXR, R1 or Blade. Decisions decisions, lol. I also need to dream up a way of making the money to pay for it with, lol. Best start being REALLY REALLY nice to the other half!!

I love my Thundercat and it’s been a great 1st bike - I might even keep it for commuting, wheelies and winter riding as I would be liableto commit murder if some scrote scratched a new bike by parking too close in the motocycle bays

If you got a new gixxer although a stylish bike and very sexy, i would be highly jealous!

Im gonna try Charlie with the ‘his and her’ routine on the CBR first !

Really id like to be like Lara Croft lots of bikes and fast cars in the cellar of my big house!:pinchDamn dreaming again

See you tonight if ya coming

Yep, I’ll be there. On the bike this week