Premiere Pro Anyone know a little about this?

I recently got this product and I had a simple question.

I have edited a video file, cut it to length and synced it to sound.

Now I want to play the same video file again, later on.

How do I move the edited and synced version of the file?

I tried ordinary copy + paste but it pastes over over files and seems to delete them when it does it.

Usually this sort of thing is done with a keyboard short cut, in Cubase it is holding down ALT and then clicking and moving copies that particular cut of the file, rather than the base file.

Anyone happen to know how to do it in Premiere Pro?

Ok for anyone that happens to search for this or wondered themselves.

When you have a clip you can place it in the sequence window, from their you can edit the file, and then drag it back to the Project window, this creates a smaller edit of the same file.

You can then use this file.

This isn’t perfect and it would be easier if you could just copy the edited file, but it is better then editing down a massive 12 minute file for the 1 minute you need each time.