Premier Motorcycles, Wickham. Anyone know them?

Just been looking at a GSXR 750 at Premier Motorcycles in Wickham in kent and they seem like good guys but does anyone know them at all? They have some customer service award from MCN from last year. Must be better than Colin Collins!

Wickham Kent???

Do you mean West Wickham???

Yes West Wickham High Street. Their address says kent…

I Have been in there a few times and they all seem ok never heard of anything bad…

Although I’ve been a member for a bit, this is my first post, so just want to say Hello to everyone.

Anyway to the point. I use to use Premier to Service my old SV650S and they were really good. Never had any problems and my cousin and his mates still use them. It’s a nice little set up and I always found the staff really nice, friendly and helpful.

Anyway hope this helps


A mate of mine has a Bandit 600 that was purchased from there … he bought it recently as a private sale. The guy he bought it from had nothing but praise for the way he has been treated by Premier. This goes for the actual sale and for the servicing that the bike has received.

Hope this helps!

Excellent thanks guys, order going in now…

Welcome Jimmy! How nice is it to be able to share our experiences… love it

SO did you ride the 750?

or you just going for it anyway?


No i havent ridden it but i did ride the 600 and it’ll just be the same but quicker! The K6 in black was just too much to resist…

Found them very friendly and helpful when I’ve used them. No problem at all


They certainly seem to have a good reputation and are now my dealer so they had better be good! I’ll let you know.