Prawn to Queen three.

Anyone been for a sauna lately?:doze:

Not since 1969. But it was in Finland.

Does that count?

Only if full details are posted.:slight_smile:

Given the dodgy aquavit before the event, I’m surprised I even remembered having the sauna. One of the girls kind of stands out in the memory though. Can’t thinkwhy.

(There are no photo’s so don’t ask.)

I steamed, does that count?

took a work colleague and 2 clients to Straftford saunas last month.
does THAT count…??


I go in the sauna at least 3 times a week if not more after i have been in the gym.

with or without your latte dude?

bet he wears his fuggin fleece in there as well :D:D:D:D

With a Latte and fleece every time :wink:

Theres a very ‘interesting’ mixed one in Swiss Cottage that claims to be legit… ahem:P

Yep, I’m 2 minutes down the road from it in St Johns Wood, used to woder about that place until I saw some brass popping outside for a fag. Okay, so they say never judge a book by it’s cover etc but she had more make up on than a chinese opera troupe, a belt for a skirt, almost see thru blouse, lacey tights/stockings and stiletto FMBs. Yes, I did get a good look…