PRAISE - White Dalton Motorcycle Solicitors

Just a quick note to say that White Dalton have won my case for me ! There had to be a case to win in the first place but they were sensible, methodical, calm and very experienced and got the job done with so little fuss and in a very laid back manner. Solicitor dealing with it was

Many thanks to Rhiannon :slight_smile:

(I came off on gravel negligently left on the road by road workers on my first Friday night LB ride out, route 37 I think :wink: )

thats good news steve ,teas and cakes all round:)

Absolutely, especially cake ! :smiley:

how long did it take them to get it settled?

steve i remember that night clearly! and im so happy that you won this case.

it was only luck and a bit more miles under our belts that stopped more of us going down that night.

there was no warning, just round a bend and 3 inchs of gravel/top dressing on the road.

its been a few years though but well done for not letting it go.

I came off in July 2007 so almost three years. I suspect it could have been quicker had the other side been a bit more realistic last year.

Thanks, my first ride out with LB ! :slight_smile:

Do you have a contact for Jamie ? Is he still on LB ?

IDK if he still comes on here but i have a number for him if you need it.

i seen him at a silverstone trackday last month…