Praise Weemoto

Ordered some parts for the Varabus and they sent the wrong ones ( sent clutch parts for a 125 vara instead of the 1000cc - there’s more than a slight difference…)

Anyway got on the phone to them and couldn’t be happier - new parts on the way - pre paid bag coming for the wrong parts and loads of ‘really sorry about that let’s sort it out’ kind of things being said.

So well done Weemoto.


I’ve always found them to deliver orders very quickly, so praise form me too !

Praise for me too, other half ordered some high temp exhaust paint sunday night, arrived today :smiley:

Mee Two:)

+1 Used them a number of times over the years and never had any issues :slight_smile:

ive used em recently and they sent me a damaged item and now i cant seem to get hold of the person i need to :crazy:

PRAISE from me again, ordered 2 Yuasa batteries and an Optimate, expected them to take over a week as one of the items was out of stock, but the package arrived before the week was up, ohhhh and as we often get bits and pieces from them I took advantage of the 25% off everything they offered me, well it would have been rude not too :wink:

I feel that we’ve been seeing these smirnoff ads for a while now but it seems like they’ve somehow refreshed the approach. don’t know what it is, can’t quite put my finger on it… mostly because my wife won’t let me though.

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