Well she usually turns up in her dominatrix leather so I thought Id better post because otherwise she might not help me any more and let’s face it, without her, I wouldnt be able to go anywhere this weekend…!

After crashing (read “being taken out”) at Cadwell last weekend, my leathers were in need of Her Highness’ touch. She came to pick them up from me at my office and then delivered them back a couple of days later, in plenty of time for the weekend.

Not only was she punctual, went massively out of her way and did an excellent job both in terms of the structural repair and in terms of appearance of the leathers (matching patches etc), but she wasnt expensive either!!

Now how on earth do you top that!?

Shame about the weather forecast for where I am racing this weekend, though. Well, it is in Wales, I suppose…

Awwwww fanks Gabs:blush:
Oh and you better not get them leathers muddy:w00t: mind you at least you have a bottle of leather cleaner now;)