Praise - Wasp - Again!

I delivered my leathers and a friends boot to her last Sunday and they were already done by Friday, even though she had loads on!

Brilliant new zip for my leathers, I cant even see the repair! She also went along and did my lining that i ripped about 2 years ago and forgotten about.

My friends boot need the zip re-stitching and he is very happy with the results.

Thanks Wasp, very quick, cheap and perfect service! :smiley:

Your very welcome luvvie:D
Next time you rip your lining feel free to tell me instead of waiting for me to discover it;)
Oh and your mums wicked she was telling me all about you as a kid…most kids learnt to read and write first… Lewis learnt to ride a motorbike! lol

He didnt tell you about the lining cos he’s fortgotton about it… he kept catching his toe in the rip as he put the leathers on, and in the end it ripped so much his toe didnt catch it any more :D:D

Hope kath didnt keep you chatting too long, although it was very nice of her to go and pick up the leathers for us, as we were working… :frowning:

Are you getting your backside to brands on 14th? come and keep me company… :slight_smile: