Praise: Viking Motorcycle Seats

My seat was too hard. For the last 50 miles of a 200 mile round trip to Hastings, I was in actual physical pain. Many folk would say “man up and deal with it”, but seriously, I’d done 400 miles in a day on my Xevo and had no pain whatsoever, so there was something wrong with the seat.

On a recommendation from our very own Wasp, I took my seat to Lee from Viking Vinyls, (also Crappy Website, but good service at a good price! For £125, Lee put both Gel and Memory Foam under my seat, and wow has it made a difference. On the weekend I did just under 300 miles in a day (thanks to a Jetstream ride-out) and no problem whatsoever - it’s like night and day.

Thoroughly recommended!


Told you He was good :wink:

How long did you have to leave it with them?

He did it while I waited, not long - 45 minutes perhaps? There’s a cafe in the next hut that does a pretty good all day breakfast :wink:


I went to Viking/Lee the Seat on this recommendation of Szymon (and by extension, Wasp too).

My seat was actually too soft and so I could feel the bike frame through it. They put in some firmer padding underneath and it is now much better.

Very happy with the price compared to the alternatives, and a nice ride out to their workshop too. I didn’t try the cafe.