Praise: Toshiba

As some of you know, Ed’s (my partner) Toshiba laptop died a few weeks ago.

Jim © had a look at it when he came over to sort out Ed’s PC but didn’t want to delve too deep for fear of breaking seals.

Ed phoned Toshiba, faxed the Guarantee to them as instructed, laptop collected at the stated time last Tuesday after a phone call to make the arrangements (well, a few minutes early but I was at home, ready), e-mail arrived on Thursday informing him that the parts were awaited and repaired laptop arrived this morning (Tuesday) just after 10.00.

I reckon that’s pretty good service, especially as the thing was bought in the States.
The DHL couriers provided a proper box to put it in, too.

Keep the paperwork safe! It pays off.

Incidentally, Jim discovered that the ‘fault’ with Ed’s PC was weak batteries in the cordless mouse. They showed ‘green’ on my battery-tester but…well, I expect Jim can explain.