Praise to the various LBers I met on my travels today :-)

Day off work today so popped into Heine and Gericke in Clapham and saw Fireblade Paul, after all this time, who is working there! :)There was also an LBer I hadn’t met before who is also a staff member. It was really nice to see you both, great service and thanks very much indeed for the discount on the Kevla jeans :slight_smile: Will be back!!

Next up was OMC where Matt very kindly sorted out the ‘tail tidy’ on the Triumph. Sorry for disappearing to hug the radiator upstairs and leaving you to do all the work:D I know the concept of OMC is to sort the bike yourself, with friendly advice from Matt, rather than leave him to do the bits whilst the customer goes upstairs with a cuppa to resolve their hypothermia issues;) Anyway - it was a great job as always - so thanks!

Also lovely to meet the new Canadian LBer (Caker) who was a very friendly girl and good to chat about Canada. Loved the exhaust on your VFR :slight_smile:

Very satisfactory Friday all round:D

Was that you with a white roof helmet?

Yes, at which location were you? OMC or Heine and Gericke?:smiley:

HG. I was behind you at the till. Didn’t know who you were til now.

Ok - if I’d have known too I would have said hello!

Hope you had a good purchase :slight_smile:

Would have bought a new lid but they don’t do the super-melon size I require. I’ll say hello down the hut tonight if you’re there.