Praise: Tayna batteries on ebay

Ordered a battery yesterday (bank holiday) and to my surprise they shipped it yesterday and it was delivered lunchtime today! Their standard service is next-day if order placed before 6:45pm. Very useful to know if you need a battery asap and the shops are shut.

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I’ve used them before, and rate them too.

+1 Recently replaced both the motorcycle and car batteries for:

  • MBTZ10S MOTOBATT Quadflex AGM Bike Battery 12V - 8Ah - 140A purchased on price £50 delivered;
  • Powerline 100 12V - 64Ah - 600A - purchased on 4 year guarantee/price £61 delivered.

Both delivered within a couple of days of order, happy with both

Thanks for the tip.

Ordered yesterday, arrived this afternoon, installed in the bike. :+1:

I’ve used them twice over the past 10 years or so, good value, good to deal with.

Excellent service - like you I always get them delivered next day.

Mind you they promote Varta car Batteries which seem to last just outside of guarantee (3 years) before going kaputt… Sell other brands though

eBay’s commission is quite hefty.

I ordered directly from and got the same next day service. Their web site is modern and fully functional.

You may as well go direct and save them the eBay commission.

Oh wow, you’re right! Good spot.

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Same favourable prices for branded batteries and same excellent service direct off the Tayna website just enter your registration number, confirm the battery dimension and terminal orientation and you’re presented with half a dozen or more branded options. WARNING check the battery specifications before placing order. For example, the YTZ10S compatible motorcycle batteries range from 130A to 190A. As a rule of thumb a battery for a 700 to 1000cc engine will need to be rated at a minimum of 8 Ah (10hr) and 150A (CCA)