Praise -

Quick message to praise, I recently purchased a set of textiles and I had to exchange the jacket for a bigger size and I have to say that I am impressed with the customer service, super fast response to emails and phone calls, tracking of the returns was offered and they are also always willing to negotiate a bit over the phone or email to offer a good deal. I got a 10% of my jacket and then and extra 10% of my trousers even thought they were discounted already.

I’ve had done business in the past with them and it was all good and correct, deliveries on time, alerts via text etc… so I didn’t feel the need to praise them, but this time the customer service has been really good and when you are spending a few hundred pounds on bike gear that is something to consider before buying

And since I’m reviewing staff, I took the bike to chasbikes last week to install aux lights, customer service is mediocre and unwelcoming I would not recommend it for anything over a flat tire and only if you happen to be in the vicinity of the shop

Good to know man, I’m looking around for places to get gear from / considering buying from the London Bike show too. 

I’ve often used sportsbikeshop - they seem to be around the best value on alot of stuff. In regard to customer service, they once sent me 2 cans of lube instead of chain cleaner. Phoned up, chain cleaner in the post + they didn’t want the lube back, so summer chain lube sorted… 

good review thanks. I’ve seen these guys, but was a little put off by the website. 

​Fast delivery, free returns plus their 365 day return policy is great. My four months old boots developed fault, exchanged with no problems. Also they do a price match. I found jacket cheaper on german website and they matched the price as a one off because they don’t usually match prices outside of uk.

@morty98 I tried that one too heheh but they slapped me with their T&Cs, you are probably talking about

Larger jacket, so it’s you eating the pies and ruining your mpg! :smiley:

Martin! you are back!

I haven’t lost my marbles just yet. Sportsbikeshop matched fcmoto, maybe something to do with the fact that I’m a girl who likes a bargain :wink:

I was looking at them for my new helmet

Vouch, I always had good experience through sportbikeshop.