Praise Serrisan

Praise must go to Serrisan for being a model OMC customer.
A year ago the sort of service Alex did yesterday would have taken over 5 hours, after coming to OMC several times Alex has got more familiar with working on his bike and using the right tool for the right job.
There was no rushing or trying to cut corners, the manual was used to reference from and as a result he finished his service in 3hrs 30mins which included a lot of chat and a McDonalds :sick:.
Next time Alex comes to use us he will be even quicker and more confident.

Alex’s service was done on his Suzuki GSR and covered.
Oil & filter change, coolant change, air filter change, spark plug change, removal of dysfunctional heated grips, lubrication of pivot points and control cables.

This praise is by no means a comparison to other customers or dealerships, it is praise of one of our many customers progression from inexperience and limited knowledge to competence, self belief and self satisfaction.

Aw schucks! Thanks guys, it’s been great coming down and tweaking and tinkering about with the old GSR! Yup definitely things getting quicker, easier and errors less!

Thanks to the both of you for patience when I’ve broken a few things… :slight_smile: