(Praise) SBT/Motorcycles For Less

Sunday I took the trip up to SBT in Sandy, Beds to have my forks sorted once and for all.

Got there at 10am, where they were opening the garage just to do my forks. They are usually shut on Sundays but they do the odd job on a Sunday because there top guys!

New Ohlins springs were fitting for me and a few other little bits, which took till around 12ish.

The bike is now feeling fantastic and glides through corners nice and smothly, but most importantly no more tank slappers! I can now have a nice ride with out fear of impending death lol.

As these guys are outside of london there not going to try and rip you off lol.

How much did they charge project?

£200 for springs, fitting and set-up including the rear regardless of how long it takes them. I paid a little bit more because I get new seals and bushes put in.