PRAISE - Rex Judd Clothing Dept

I ordered some sexy black pazzo levers for my R6 from Rex Judd and they arrived pretty sharpish and I was given a brilliant price!!

Thanks Alex

since when has levers for bikes become clothing

its still a praise section my fellow host…

It’s always a pleasure…

To sell quality products…

To nice people that are easy to deal with.

Some times we make mistakes but we sort things out…

We are nice people too and easy to deal with…

If people are demanding and pushy they pay retail. If they are nice and we can help them it’s good for every one.


yep it is and i praise you for being my best friend

since the bloke that runs the clothing is the one that got me the parts

I’m well chuffed with them, my bike is looking sexier by the day. I actually think I’m beginning to have innappropriate feelings for my bike

I think it’s time to find yourself a man lol

Nice suggestion, indeed

erm - you might be right